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Looking for a Premium Quality Wheel Balancing Service Near Harrogate?


Unbalanced wheels can affect the handling efficiency and the overall performance of your vehicle. Regular and professionally done wheel balancing is essential for every vehicle's proper health. It is also a must if your car has to pass annual MOTs at one go.

The suspension components may get damaged if your vehicle's wheels are unbalanced, resulting in compromised on-road safety and reduced driving comfort. Therefore, we recommend car-owners opt for professional wheel balancing checks at regular intervals.

Universal Tyres Harrogate offers hassle-free and quick wheel balancing Harrogate services for all types of vehicles at affordable prices. Our facility is equipped with advanced tools and technology to provide the finest wheel balancing service Harrogate. Our equipment is handled by trained experts and professional technicians who are well versed with all the wheel and tyre-related issues and can fix them quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, our state-of-the-art wheel balancing equipment is updated regularly to accurately analyze current weight distribution in your wheels and rebalance them with precision. After a thorough inspection of the wheels, our experts will suggest the best solution and perform the necessary repair/replacement only after your approval. So drive down to our garage today to get a reliable and trustworthy wheel balancing service performed by professionals.

Why is wheel balancing important?

In this process, the wheel and tyre assembly's combined weight is balanced accurately so that the assembly spins uniformly even at high speeds. However, if there are spots of weight imbalance on the wheel, these can cause a major imbalance in the outward forces, leading the assembly to spin unevenly.

      Wheel balancing is thus essential as it maintains vehicle stability and protects the tyres from accelerated and uneven tread wear.

When do your car's wheels require balancing?

Symptoms of Unbalanced Car Wheels

You can keep in mind several situations that indicate that a professional wheel balancing Harrogate service is in order. Here are the most recognisable ones.

Poor fuel economy -It is one of the first things you may notice. If the wheel and tyre assembly has been damaged, the engine has to burn extra fuel to restore balance. Besides, since there is faster tread wear under such circumstances, all four wheels may not respond as well as they should.

Vibrations in the steering wheel and column-Another clear indicator that wheel balancing is required is a jarring vibration in the steering column. There are several reasons why a steering column might shudder, but unbalanced wheels are more often than not the culprit.

Uneven/premature tread wear-Treadwear, as mentioned above, will be faster if there's a wheel imbalance. Also, this wear will be uneven. The central surface of the tyre will be the first to wear out, followed by the sidewalls and then the other areas.

Braking distance- If you notice an increase in the distance while braking? It is a clear indication of wheel balancing, and it could be a dangerous situation that should be avoided at all costs. In such situations getting your vehicle repaired quickly with professional services is the ideal solution for a car owner.

Please note that whenever you purchase and fit a set of new tyres, wheel balancing is mandatory.

If you notice these issues, visit us at Universal Tyres Harrogate. Here are some reasons why we are your go-to destination.

What Causes Wheel Imbalance?

Multiple factors result in an unbalanced wheel and can cause serious safety concerns while driving on roads. Some of them include-

Manufacturing Defect- Manufacturing defects are rare but can also cause a wheel imbalance. The defects might be difficult to notice in the starting stages but soon start degrading your vehicle's performance. Such defects should only be examined and repaired by trained professionals like our team at Universal Tyres Harrogate.

Uneven Terrain- Driving on uneven roads without hitting brakes at the right time causes the vehicle to jump on bumps and patches, causing an imbalance in the wheels.

Damaged/Faulty Parts: A damaged component connected to the wheel can cause problems in your car's performance. If left unchecked, the issue can further create problems in other components and lead to costly repairs in the future.

Loosely fitted wheels- Sometimes, due to the carelessness of the tire-fitting services, the wheels might be loosely fitted. Therefore it is crucial to get them checked by experienced technicians who are well informed about all the issues.

Worn-out components - Certain parts connected to the wheels, such as the shock absorbers and struts, can wear out gradually. They should only be repaired or replaced frequently to avoid wheel imbalance and get the best performance.

Why Choose our services?

With great customer service, prompt and hassle-free repairs, Universal Tyres Harrogate is well-known for offering high-quality automotive services to thousands of customers. Our Wheel Balancing Harrogate service is available at the best price for all types of cars. Even in case of a slight suspicion, drive down to our garage or contact us today to book an appointment at your convenience.

    • We have the latest technology in place, which will expedite the process.
    • We have no extra charges.
    • We possess the required experience which many other service stations do not.
    • Our process is customer-friendly and transparent.
    • We have been in service for over two decades and have the confidence and experience to provide you with the best possible service!

Are you looking for a 'wheel balancing garage near me'?

We humbly recommend that you come down to our facility at Universal Tyres Harrogate,5 Chatsworth Terrace Harrogate, HG1 5HT. You will see for yourself why we are deemed to be the most reliable wheel balancing garage Harrogate.

For more details, please call us on 01423 500688 and book an appointment.

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