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Accurate tyre pressure is essential for optimal driving experience, comfort, and safety. However, it's recommended to check the tyre's air pressure once a month or before leaving for long trips. Frequent tyre pressure checks will not just ensure road safety but also significantly extend your tires' service life. When the tyre pressure is at the optimum level, the handling and controlling ability of the car increases, which prevents tyre-related road accidents. Therefore, you must get a routine tyre pressure check Harrogate from an authorized auto care center to ensure that your car tyre has adequate air pressure - even if your car is installed with a tyre pressure monitoring system.

At Universal tyres Harrogate, we offer free tyre pressure check Harrogate so that you can drive around confidently without worrying about any vehicle damage or road accidents. To check if your tyres are adequately inflated, head over to us immediately; an appointment is not required for the same. Our team of expert technicians will use an advanced tyre pressure gauge to calculate the inflation level and decide what should be done next.

Causes of Inadequate Tyre Pressure

Here are some of the major factors that lead to inflation pressure loss in the tyres.

  • Worn-out rims
  • Damaged TPMS valve
  • Extreme weather temperatures or conditions
  • Minor defects in the tyre's structure
  • Accidental tyre puncture
  • Rough driving on uneven terrains

Advantages of Tyre Pressure Check

You should get frequent tyre pressure checks to improve driving safety on roads and reduce the cost of car maintenance and fuel consumption rate. The benefits of checking the air pressure of tyres regularly are:

  • Increased lifespan of the tyres
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Better road safety
  • Enhanced handling and cornering abilities

Why Tyre Pressure Check?

Let's look at the reasons why you should opt for tyre pressure.

      Optimal tyre pressure enhances braking as well as steering performance. This also ensures increased and stronger grip on both dry and wet roads. On the contrary, if the tyres are under-inflated, they increase the braking distance by up to 8 meters.

Inaccurate air pressure puts more stress on the car's engine, increasing the fuel consumption rate and reducing the gas mileage, thereby costing more.

      Over-inflated tyres can reduce the gripping ability of the tyres, and can also result in sudden tyre blow-outs.

How Can Universal Tyres Help?

The ideal inflation pressure for a tyre is about 30 to 35 psi. However, our technicians will refer to the specification manual of your car manufacturer to find the recommended air pressure for the make and model of your car. If the owner's manual cannot be located, we will duly refer to the tyre placard, which is usually kept inside the door of the glove box compartment, at the driver's side of the door jamb, fuel cap hatch, etc. After learning the adequate tyre inflation pressure for your vehicle, we will remove the tyre valve cap and take the measurements with an advanced pressure gauge. Following this, we will correctly deflate or re-inflate the radials as per the requirement.

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