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    Bridgestone was established in 1931 as Nihon Tabi Company in Japan. Since then, it has expanded its presence in over 150 countries worldwide. They provide a wide assortment of high-performance tyres for all makes and models of cars. Over the years, this brand has developed an exclusive range of car tyres that can tackle all weather and road conditions. In addition, Bridgestone is constantly investing in research and development to learn more about the tyre industry and upgrade its quality standards.

    At Universal tyres Harrogate, we offer a varied and wide range of Bridgestone tyres Harrogate at affordable rates. Our inventory consists of different tyre variants for vehicles of all makes and models to suit all budget ranges - premium, medium, and cheap.

    Popular Bridgestone Tyre Models that we stock

    Have a close look at the characteristics of several Bridgestone tyre models available in our inventory.


    This premium range of tyres are specifically designed for the summers and offers optimum traction and grip on wet and dry roads. Designed with a specialist rubber compound and unique tread pattern, Turanza tyres offer increased safety, control, and the ability to mitigate the risk of hydroplaning. In addition, these tyres provide drivers and car-owners with the confidence to drive in all weather and road conditions. Some of the best selling Turanza tyres are:

    • Turanza T005
    • Turanza EL42
    • Turanza ER30
    • Turanza ER300


    Best suited for both on and off-road conditions, these tyres come with a tougher construction to conquer all the obstacles of harsh terrains and extreme weather conditions. In addition, this range of tyres possesses exceptional features like enhanced grip, increased stability, and optimal driving comfort. We stock the following Dueler tyre segments:

    • Dueler A/T 001
    • Dueler H/P Sport
    • Dueler H/T 684 II
    • Dueler H/T 689


    This segment of tyres is exclusively manufactured for high-performance vehicles, as they provide maximum grip while cornering, superior steering response, driving stability, and shorter braking distance on wet and dry roads. We stock the following Potenza tyres:-

    • Potenza Sport
    • Potenza S001
    • Potenza S007


    Manufactured by combining the technology of summer and winter tyres, these tyres perform optimally all year round in various climatic conditions. Weather-control tyres offer longer tread life, enhanced fuel efficiency, and best-in-class grip and traction on both dry and wet roads. Weather-control tyres in our inventory incorporate:

    • Weather Control A005 EVO
    • Weather Control A005
    • Weather Control A005 Driveguard


    This tyre range is suitable for all makes and models of cars and offers the best mileage due to its low rolling resistance. The main characteristics of this segment of tyres are - high fuel efficiency, increased stability, and better grip and handling on wet roads.

    • Ecopia EP500
    • Ecopia Ep150

    If you are still unsure about the kind of Bridgestone tyres Harrogate you should go for. Visit our store based at 5 Chatsworth Terrace, behind the fire station, Harrogate. Or, you can also shop your choice of tyres via our website. There are numerous options available, so look for the one that best suits your driving style, purpose, and budget. Once the tyres are booked, call our experts and schedule your appointment to avail our tyre fitment service.

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