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    Continental tyres is a multinational tyre manufacturing company with roots in Germany. Since its establishment in 1871, Continental is widely known for providing premium quality tyres. Their extensive range of tyres can be described as cost-effective, secure, and eco-friendly. With constant research and development, and their vast experience in the tyre manufacturing industry, this german-brand has marked its presence in the market by providing superior quality tyres at affordable rates. They specifically design tyres for luxury cars like Mercedes and BMW. Continental tyres Harrogate is a preferred tyre brand because of its engineering and innovative techniques for designing the tyres.

    Universal tyres Harrogate offers an exclusive range of Continental tyres that are suitable for all seasons, road surfaces, and vehicles of various models and makes. These tyres are specially designed to provide a comfortable and safer driving experience.

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    Continental Tyres in Our Inventory

    Take a look at some of the top-selling categories we offer:-

    Summer tyres

    These tyres are specially made to provide superior cornering and braking capabilities in areas with temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. Summer tyres are a preferred choice for high-performance vehicles because of their agility and speed. These models are manufactured with a hard rubber compound, which ensures optimum driving performance in wet and slippery roads. At Universal Tyres Harrogate, we stock all models of Continental summer tyres, have a look at our best-sellers from this range:

  • PremiumContact6
  • SportContactTM6
  • ContiForceContact TM
  • Winter tyres

    These tyres are manufactured with more amount of natural rubber, giving them a softer and flexible structure. Continental winter tyres are designed for icy and snowy conditions and offer superior performance in areas above 7 degrees Celsius. These tyres are - hydroplaning-resistant and offer better grip and traction and improved handling on wet road conditions. Some of the best winter tyres from our Continental tyres range are:

  • ContiWinterContact TS 830
  • WinterContact TS 860 S
  • WinterContact TS 860
  • All-season tyres

    Designed to provide optimal performance all year round, these tyres possess the basic characteristics of summer and winter tyres. All-season tyres are an ideal option for those who live in a region with moderate climatic conditions. An optimal amount of grooves and sipes give these tyres the ability to disperse the water away from the tyre tread to the sides of the road, mitigating the risk of aquaplaning. All-weather tyres have a wider contact patch which offers a stronger grip, keeping you stable in harsh terrains. Our top-seller range of all-season tyres from Continental consist of:

  • AllSeasonContact
  • VancoFourSeason
  • ContiContact TS815
  • Along with these variants of tyres, we also stock performance tyres, run-flat tyres, 4x4 tyres, etc. So, if you are someone who's looking for high-quality and reliable tyres to enhance your overall driving experience, look no further than Universal tyres Harrogate. Our extensive range of Continental tyres Harrogate will surely exceed your expectations and will fulfil your needs and requirements.

    Visit our store, or book your choice of tyre units online, and get them installed on your car by expert technicians at Univeral Tyres Harrogate!

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