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Does Tyre Labelling confuse you?

The tyre labelling indicates the tyre's performance with three different symbols providing information on fuel efficiency, wet grip, safety and rolling noise. The UK tyre labelling rules exist to ensure that customers make an informed decision while purchasing or replacing tyres.

All the tyres at our Universal Harrogate Tyres carry EU labels .Our experts are well equipped and informed about all the steps required to help you find the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle and install them with extreme accuracy.

On this webpage, our experts will explain how to read the tyre labels present on your tyres.

    Different Criteria Mentioned In Tyre Labelling

    Rolling resistance: Rolling resistance is an important aspect to check while purchasing new tyres. It indicates the tyre's energy efficiency, which directly affects fuel consumption. The rolling resistance of tyres depends upon their design, structure tread compound, and the amount of air pressure present in the tyre. Top tyre manufacturers try to reduce resistance to rolling in tyres without compromising other important factors. An accurately inflated low rolling resistance tyre can help in saving up to 10% in fuel expenses. Rolling resistance is categorized into different classes, and a higher class means that the tyre has good rolling resistance. These categories range from "A" which is the most efficient to "E," meaning least efficient.

    Wet Grip: Wet grip labeling is an important aspect to check to ensure optimal driving safety. The wet grip refers to the tyre's ability to effectively brake on wet roads. It ensures the vehicle does not skid and helps improve your overall safety. The wet grip is also categorized into different categories, in which “A” indicates shortest braking distance to “E” which refers to the longest braking distance.

    External Noise: External Noise of a tyre refers to the amount of noise created by tyres . The noise is measured in decibels (dB), and it ranges from “A” indicating the low level of noise produced, to and “G,” indicating the high levels of noise generated.

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