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Pirelli Tyres

    Pirelli tyres was launched in 1872, and since then, they have been globally recognized as one the best tyre manufacturing brands. They are Italy's high-end tyre makers and are commonly paired with luxury cars such as Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Pirelli produces car tyres aimed at providing the best overall performance to medium and high-performance vehicles. Their tyre units excel in durability, performance, and quality.

    They are available in more than 160 countries with 19 tyre manufacturing facilities, making them one the global leaders in the tyre manufacturing industry. The key features of Pirelli tyres Harrogate are reliability, safety, and exceptional performance.

    At Universal tyres Harrogate, our primary aim is to provide superior quality products and services to our customers. We, therefore, stock Pirelli tyres for all types and brands of vehicles at affordable rates. In addition, our team of professionals consistently observe and improve their work quality to offer only the best to our clients.

    Our Best-selling Pirelli Tyres -

    To cater to a huge client base, we are constantly upgrading our stock of car tyres, but some of the tyre models that our top-sellers and cannot be replaced are:

    All-season tyres

    All season tyres are a combination of specific summer and winter tyres characteristics. These tyres do not require to be changed depending on the climatic conditions, which makes them very cost-effective. Designed with an optimal amount of sipes, they allow greater traction on road surfaces and increased braking and cornering competence all year round. All season tyres we have in our inventory:

    • ScorpionTM All Season
    • ScorpionTM Verde All Season SF
    • CinturatoTM All Season Plus

    Winter tyres

    These tyres are designed with a unique tread design consisting of more sipes. This allows the tyres to have a better grip on snow and ice. These models also offer a shorter braking distance and higher driving stability. Winter tyres are made of a natural rubber compound with high silica content that makes them flexible and allows optimum performance in areas below 7 degrees Celsius. Our range of Pirelli tyres' winter range includes:

    • P Zero Winter
    • Cinturato Winter
    • Carrier Winter

    Summer tyres

    Made up of hard rubber compounds, these variants are ideal for hot weather conditions. Their wider contact area enhances their grip on both dry and wet roads, and their unique tread pattern helps them quickly dispel water from the path, reducing aquaplaning risks. In addition, summer tyres provide optimal performance in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. Top-sellers in this category:

    • Cinturato P7TM Blue
    • Cinturato P1TM Verde
    • New Cinturato P7

    Run-flat tyres

    Run-flat tyres offer superior driving safety and control on the highways. These tyres ensure that you are not left stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a flat tyre. With these units, you can drive up to a distance of 50 miles with a driving speed limit of 50 mph on a punctured tyre and drive to a nearby garage to get your tyres changed. Our stock of Pirelli's run-flat range consists of:

    • Cinturato P6
    • P Zero Rosso
    • P7 Cinturato Run-flat

    The tyre options don't end here. Our inventory also consists of performance and 4x4 tyres to fulfil different requirements and needs of our customers. Therefore just stop by our workshop to buy the best-quality Pirelli tyres Harrogate, with the assistance of our in-store tyre experts. Or, browse through our website and book the tyre units that perfectly match your driving style, purpose, budget, and road and weather conditions of the region where you live. After booking the radials, come down to our garage to avail tyre-fitting service with a prior appointment. Do not wait further; get your hands on our wide assortment of tyres today!

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