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Getting the right set of tyres for your car not only improves the overall performance of the car but also ensures optimal safety and comfort. Car Tyres should be selected based on your preferences, driving style, and the type of road and climatic conditions you usually drive in. To make the right choice while buying tyres, you must learn how to determine the tyre size that best suits your car. Understanding how to read car tyre sizes might seem complicated, but trust us, it is not the case.

    Where is the tyre size mentioned?

    First and foremost, look at the owner's specification manual. No matter which type of vehicle you drive, your car's recommended tyre size Harrogate should be mentioned in the car manual. If, in any case, you are unable to find the manual, do not worry as you can also find the tire-fitting guide in the below-mentioned placements:

    • Glove box
    • Driver's side doorjamb
    • Gas tank hatch

    You can retrieve the tyre size data from the tyres that are already fitted in your car by looking at their sidewalls. But, the tyre size is normally mentioned in a sequence of letters and numbers, which can be a little difficult to understand for a first-timer. So, our experts at Universal Tyres Harrogate have prepared a tyre size guide that will help you make an informed decision when buying a new set of tyres for your vehicle.

    Tyre Size Guide

    Let's take a closer look at what the numbers and letters indicate in the tyre size data. We'll be taking an example to decode the tyre size: 225/70/R16 91S.

    225 - This number indicates the width of the tyre, which is expressed in millimeters, also known as section width. The tyre width adversely impacts the rolling resistance and the road-contact area; therefore, it should be chosen carefully.

    70 - The second number of the tyre size indicates the tire's aspect ratio, which is expressed in two digits, which refers to the profile height of the tyre per the width of the sidewall.

    R - It stands for the type of construction. R means radial tyre construction. If there are other letters like B or D instead of R, then it indicates that the specific tyre consists of a bias-belt or diagonal cross-ply in its construction.

    16 - This size code stands for the rim diameter of the tyre. It is measured in inches.

    91 - This number denotes the tire's load index, meaning the highest load that a particular radial can carry when inflated with the right rate of pressure. You'll have to check the load index chart to understand it better.

    S - Lastly, this letter refers to the speed index of the tyre. A tyre with a speed rating "S" supports a maximum speed of 180mph.

    After reading this guide, if you are still not clear about the correct tyre size Harrogate then feel free to contact our experts to clear your doubts. They'll be glad to help you with the right tyre size for your car. You can also find the correct tyre size for your vehicle by using our tyre ordering system available on our website.

    Or, you can simply come down to our workshop located at 5 Chatsworth Terrace, behind the fire station, Harrogate.

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