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To keep your vehicle fully operational, you must have a properly functioning battery. A battery is the most crucial component of your vehicle as it's solely responsible for starting your car, powering the AC unit, windows, lights, radio, etc. To avoid any inconvenience, such as a car breakdown in the middle of the road, you must regularly opt for battery maintenance services to ensure that your car functions optimally, offering optimum driving safety and comfort.

Universal Tyres Harrogate is a reliable garage for your car battery replacement Harrogate. We stock high-quality batteries which optimally enhance the performance of your vehicle. Backed by a team of experienced technicians, we thoroughly inspect your car battery, brief you about the damage, the reasons behind the damage, and then provide the perfect car Battery Harrogate for your vehicle.

Signs of a Malfunctioning Battery

      Here's a list of symptoms that a failing or malfunctioning battery shows. Keep a check on these indications to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Dimmer headlights - The battery powers all the vehicle's electric components, such as - power windows, lights, radio, etc. Hence, if there's any fault in the car battery, the headlights will automatically get dimmer or weaker, leading to potential road accidents.

Lower levels of battery fluid - When the batteries are malfunctioning, the battery liquids will drop below the lead plates, reducing the overall performance of the car. In addition, a damaged battery usually gets overcharged, which decreases the fluid levels of the battery.

Slow engine crank - If you have a flat battery, your car engine will take more time to start the car, or worse, the car will not start at all. Hence, it's better to get your battery checked by professionals and get the battery replaced as soon as possible for optimum driving safety and comfort.

Foul smell - A pungent or rotten egg smell is often caused by a battery fluid leak. When the battery terminals have severe corrosion, it starts leaking, which increases the chances of vehicle breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

Bloated battery case - Overheating of the battery due to some defects leads to a bloated battery case. You need to pay proper attention to your battery case. If you notice any swelling, do not wait for any other sign to show up; change your battery to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Causes of a Faulty Battery

Listed below are some of the common causes which result in a flat battery.

Aging battery - Batteries that are older than 4-5 years are more likely to get damaged. So, make sure to change the batteries once they cross this age limit; you will find a positive change in the performance of your car after the replacement.

Cold temperatures - When the temperature gets colder outside, the battery begins to freeze and is unable to provide the desired results.

Irregular maintenance - All the components of the car, be it the braking system, exhaust, suspension, etc., require regular maintenance; this includes the battery. Inefficient and irregular maintenance of the batteries will cause them to fail before the usual period.

You can stop your search 'car Battery Harrogate,' near me with Universal Tyres Harrogate. With our battery replacement Harrogate service, you will never have to compromise on the overall performance of your car. Just make sure that you do routine maintenance of your battery from authorized professionals like us. For more information, call on 01423500688 or to schedule an appointment !

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