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Looking for comprehensive Summer Check Harrogate?


The intense heat during the summers can significantly decrease your vehicle's performance by causing multiple parts to malfunction. Frequent checks maintenance is necessary to ensure your vehicle performs at its best during the hottest months of the year.

Universal Tyres Harrogate, therefore, offers comprehensive summer checks at affordable rates to make sure that your vehicle performs optimally during UK summers. Our high-skilled experts carefully inspect all the components of your vehicle, from batteries to air conditioners, that are susceptible to damage during the summers and prevent premature damage. Moreover, our experts provide a thorough inspection and repair or replace the damaged components with genuine parts only after your approval. So simply drive down our facility in Harrogate today and let us provide the best summer check for your vehicle.

What's included in the Universal Harrogate Tyres summer check?

Battery check-

The scorching heat in the summer season causes problems with your battery's performance. From inspecting the battery carefully to filling fluids and examining signs of corrosion, our technicians take multiple steps to ensure your battery is in the best condition and prepared for the summers.

Oil Levels:

The oil is used for lubricating various components and helps avoid unnecessary friction to ensure the smooth functioning of your vehicle. The summer season can create greater stress on your car, and if the oil is below the desired level, other components will also be more susceptible to sudden damage.

Air Conditioner:

From evaporator to condenser, our experienced team of professionals carry out a close inspection of the entire cooling system of your vehicle. We thoroughly check all the components and perform repairs or replacements only after your consent.


Checking coolant and ensuring it is at the required level is crucial to ensure your engine does not overheat. We perform a careful inspection of the coolant level, hoses, leaks and storage tank.

Windscreen wipers:

Our team also examines damages or malfunction in windscreen wipers and repairs or replaces them if required.

Tyres and tyre pressure:

Tyres are susceptible to punctures, incorrect alignment, uneven wear and low pressure because of the immense tension faced on the roads. Our expert team run a careful inspection of your tyres and ensures that the tread depth is at least according to the required legal standard of 1.6 mm.

Why choose Universal Harrogate Tyres?

Our facility offers the finest summer check service to numerous customers who trust us with their vehicles. We offer-

Improved Performance- Regular summer checks at our facility will ensure your vehicle offers optimal performance on any type of road or terrain.

Reduced Cost- Our top-notch services not only repair the current damage sustained by your vehicle but also locate any hidden issue with your car that can result in costly repairs in the future. Thus saving you from the cost of future repairs. We also price our products and services at comparatively low prices.

Original Products- Universal Harrogate Tyres only offers authentic products and components that carry EU labels sourced from well known brands, with high rated reviews.

Honest: We do not incorporate any hidden charges or surplus amounts to our services and provide quick summer checks done by skilled professionals.

Still searching for an affordable Summer check Harrogate? Book an appointment at your convenience at Universal Tyres or simply drive down to our,garage at 5 Chatsworth Terrace, Harrogate, HG1 5HT

You can call us on 01423 500688 if you have any queries.

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